I am setting up a Docassemble server for developing my projects on open source code.

I will work with the garage door open, so this page will display my digital workplace.

In the meantime, here's a bit of an origin story.

I had just finished a prototype for my access to justice project. I built it on a proprietary platform. The prototype counted more then a thousand variables.

The same week I learned that the platform got acquired by a big corporation.

I wondered, was the work wasted?

  • the product relies on certain platform features
  • the price constrains the bottom line
  • moving house requires rebuilding
  • uncertainty about these factors limits my ability to plan

So I setup my server to provide an alternative.

  • develop my project by adapting The Document Assembly Line workflow and tools
  • host my development project with ┬áminimal overhead cost
  • develop the project's intellectual property on a platform with an open source license
  • develop specific features as the project needs them
  • accelerate development with reusable code


The Document Assembly Line

My project documentation